Kentucky Senator to Introduce Medical Marijuana Seeds' Law

Press Release   •   Aug 16, 2012 14:59 BST

Clark believes that patients should be able to freely grow medical marijuana seeds, since banning such a natural product constitutes a serious breach of freedom. Despite Clark's resolve, it will be difficult for the law to pass since the drug is frowned upon in many US states.

The idea to make cannabis seeds and medical marijuana legal has been put forth in as many as 17 US states, but most do not believe it will ever be legal even if just for medicinal purposes. Cannabis seeds are currently legal in some countries, though in the majority of the US it is still illegal to possess marijuana or cannabis seeds. Clark believes medical users would benefit from such freedom, as the drug has enormous relief properties for patients suffering from a variety of diseases and conditions. These include arthritis, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and the alleviation of pain for terminal conditions such as cancer and AIDS.

Clark strongly believes in legalizing the purchase of medical cannabis, which would consequently allow marijuana dispensaries to be regulated. The risk for patients are minimised by such a law, since users who find the drug beneficial would not get involved with criminals in order to purchase. Everything would be regulated and the risks of doses being tainted would also be reduced.

There are a variety of shops, often based in Canada or Europe, who sell many types of seeds including feminized seeds, regular marijuana seeds, single marijuana seeds, autoflowering seeds and medical cannabis seeds which are grown strictly for the benefit of suffering patients. The best selling marijuana seeds are often strains created in Holland.

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