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Keypoint continues its fairytale in cheapest business calls war

Press Release   •   Aug 27, 2010 08:30 BST

Faversham, Kent (mynewsdesk), 27 August 2010 – It’s like something out of Hans Christian Andersen. The little guy with big ideas strolls onto the business telecoms scene less than a year ago, wielding crazy notions about selling the cheapest business calls in town; about providing virtual PBX facilities that really do what their purchasers want them to do; about bringing in call forwarding and professional voicemail services that don’t have to be appended to crushingly expensive add on packages – and, a little over six months later, they’re sitting on top of the business calls market.

Contracts have been a sticking point with companies looking to get hold of the cheapest business calls rates for years. What happens, or happened, until Keypoint came along and chopped up the applecart, is (was) this: a business had to sign up for an enormously long contract with a fat cat comms extortionist (think Sidney Greenstreet in his most evil town planner mode), where they got what were technically cheap business call rates – they just paid way over the odds for everything else. For two years, unless they wanted to buy themselves out. Contrast that with the freely available virtual PBX, call forwarding, professional voice mail and so on that Keypoint’s cheapest business calls solutions offer. A Keypoint contract lasts for exactly one month. That’s right. A single solitary month. There’s no connection fee and no hidden charge of any sort. Their business call rates are well below the fat cat average and, should a company wish to free itself from their arrangement, they ask only for 30 days’ notice.

Want a virtual PBX but don’t want to have to pay what BT and friends would consider full whack for a bunch of stuff you’re never going to use? Keypoint have just the thing. Their “pay for what you use” philosophy ensures that even the smallest business can get whatever benefits it needs from a vPBX (that’s Virtual Personal Business eXchange, to the lay communicator) and still have money left over at the end of the year. A lot of money, in fact. Call forwarding, professional voicemail, unlimited mail boxes, email conversion of voice messages – whatever you need, Keypoint will sell it to your business without slinging the albatross of a long term contract around its neck – and without forcing it into buying tons of extra facilities it will never use.

So what’s the response? In practical terms: there hasn’t been one. Keypoint Communications, who have risen from the ranks under their own steam, are now cornering the entire business communications market, thanks to their genuinely cheapest business calls, no strings policies, and “pay if you need” functions like virtual PBX, professional voice mail and call forwarding. The competition, it seems has folded up its tents in the night and silently slipped away.

Keypoint Communications and their child company Cheap Business Calls have developed a new, honest model for business communications call packages and systems.

About Keypoint Communications

Keypoint Communications provide voice and data solutions to SME's. Using their own national network infrastructure they are able to provide a complete end-to-end solution using their own highly developed vPBX platform.

For additional information on a bespoke IP telecommunication solution and to benefit from this innovative, emerging technology contact Keypoint Communications.

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