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Keypoint offers a rolling 30 day contract

Press Release   •   Sep 02, 2010 08:30 BST

Kent, England (mynewsdesk), September 2 2010 – That’s a bit like a provincial vicar deciding that the Pope isn’t Catholic. No business communications company has ever delivered short term contracts before – the whole point, according to the industry (or, at least, the way the industry has behaved), is to back your client into a corner and then bleed them dry for two years. No longer. Businesses taking advantage of the cheap business calls, flexible telephone system, call forwarding and caller ID offered by Keypoint are signing up safely, knowing that they can move on at any time if they find a better offer elsewhere.

There’s a pretty telling point in this contract novelty. What Keypoint, effectively, is saying is this: we’re so confident you can’t find a better deal anywhere else we’re not even going to stop you looking. And why would they? Their business model involves trimming costs for customers every which way they can – unlike the entire rest of the industry, which piles the pounds on wherever possible in an attempt to get as much out of their prisoners, sorry clients, as they can. Cheap business calls aren’t cheap at all when they’re tied into an impossibly long contract stuffed with all kinds of punishing extras. BT, for example, charge a minimum call rate of three minutes. In any other language, that’s just stealing.

No – Keypoint’s telephone system is here to stay, thank God, in an incarnation so different from all the others it might as well be a different product. Think of Keypoint’s call forwarding, caller ID, pro voicemail and all the rest as the motor car where everyone else’s punishing and ultimately useless contracts have been the horse. We’re talking about a different set of rules now – quicker, more convenient and so much cheaper the big boys must be hanging their heads in shame. They really ought to be, at any rate. Keypoint’s cheap business calls are the real deal, so far removed from the embarrassing reality of everyone else’s packages (where call forwarding, caller ID and vPBX telephone systems come at prices so deflective they can only be called lunacy) that they can’t really even be mentioned in the same breath.

Out with the old, as they say – in with the unbelievably fair. For once, in the long history of businesses that serve business, we’ve found one that treats its customers like customers.

It’s always nice to see a little company doing well. Particularly in the face of industry established big wigs who have long since given up any pretence of trying to help their customers get a better deal. That (the little company doing well but, not the unhelpful big wigging) is exactly what Kent based communications maestro Keypoint Communications is doing, with its cheap business calls tariffs, astonishingly flexible business telephone system and short term contract habit.

Keypoint Communications and their child company Cheap Business Calls have developed a new, honest model for business call packages and systems.

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Keypoint Communications provide voice and data solutions to SME's. Using their own national network infrastructure they are able to provide a complete end-to-end solution using their own highly developed vPBX platform.

For additional information on a bespoke IP telecommunication solution and to benefit from this innovative, emerging technology contact Keypoint Communications.

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