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Keypoint vPBX service offers endless permutations

Press Release   •   Sep 21, 2010 12:13 BST

Kent, UK (mynewsdesk), September 21 2010 - Keypoint has finalised its vPBX services, bringing an enhanced platform for cheaper business calls to all its clients. The system (it stands for virtual private branch exchange) mimics the function of an old switchboard, in house, for every business that uses it – but with new world technological applications that would have made even Mr Spock go green with envy.

The new virtual private branch exchange tech they have introduced allows users to centralise all forms of business communication in one easy package, beside from call forwarding and caller ID (which come as standard on the Keypoint tariff). The vPBX manages email, mobile calls, landline calls and all their associated message media, meaning, for example, that a client using Keypoint’s virtual private branch exchange systems for cheaper business calls can receive text message transcriptions of emails. Not only that, but the messages that would normally repose on an answering machine can be emailed directly to personal email accounts (also managed through the virtual private branch exchange); and the voice content of mobile calls or landline calls can be seen in real time on a computer screen.

Keypoint, whose cheaper business calls tariff first put the cat among the pigeons when they scrapped long contracts, connection charges and minimum call costs, describes the exchange system as “an integrated voice and data solution”, which is a fancy way of saying that for one monthly payment a company can do whatever it likes with its communications – they’re all coming through one route so they can be dovetailed efficiently. There’s not even an equipment charge to consider – because vPBX doesn’t involve any new equipment.

The virtual private branch exchange is a software based solution for cheaper business calls that simply requires a computer network in order to function – which, of course, businesses already have. Its software basing makes it perfect for small and medium sized companies, who can simply add more features (like upgrading a computer system) as they grow – meaning they only ever pay for what they need. There’s no necessity to buy something expensive now just so it can be grown into: as the business grows, so does the vPBX. Call forwarding and caller ID have always been standard equipment – the virtual private branch exchange offers much more.

Getting similar systems out of its rivals follows the same pattern as trying to get cheaper business calls, call forwarding and caller ID out of its rivals: it’s enormously expensive and subject to terrifyingly long contracts. With Keypoint at the helm, all a customer has to do is ask for what it needs. And that’s only a phone call away. Looks like Keypoint is going to be on top for a while longer.


About Keypoint Communications

Keypoint Communications provide voice and data solutions to SME's. Using their own national network infrastructure they are able to provide a complete end-to-end solution using their own highly developed vPBX platform.

For additional information on a bespoke IP telecommunication solution and to benefit from this innovative, emerging technology contact Keypoint Communications.

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