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Kickstarter Film Seeks Funding To Produce New Eco-Thriller About Fracking

Press Release   •   Jun 14, 2013 05:59 BST

SHAPESHIFT DREAM PRODUCTIONS is producing an independent narrative dramatic feature film entitled “A CRACK IN EVERYTHING”. 

A crowd funding campaign has been created in association with Underbrain Industries to raise funds for the first phase of production. 

"The film follows two investigative journalists who work for a French media company as they look into allegations that a series of deaths and illnesses that are linked to the practice of hydro-fracking are being covered up by the gas industry, in collusion with local authorities and government agencies."

The movie has an international cast and plans for distribution include USA, Canada and Europe.

This independent narrative feature film on hydro-fracking is in its early stages as the producers attempt to meet their first principal photography donation goal for of $19,000 through crowd-sourcing.

“A Crack in Everything” follows two international reporters who are sent on a mission to investigate claims of a cover up by the gas industry. As the story unfolds, one of the deaths that is being investigated lead them to a young (now orphaned) child. When it is revealed that the child might have seen something that could lead to a discovery of the truth about a larger cover-up, a struggle ensues over her whereabouts and one of the journalists tries to hide her. Meanwhile some of the townspeople working in conjunction with the drilling company go after the journalistic duo and pressure them to leave town. During their investigations they witness first-hand the way with which the community is treated as a "sacrifice zone" and with the discovery of a military style psy-ops team in place to make sure that the community only fights amongst themselves. Also woven throughout the plot is the romantic tension between the two main characters as they are led closer and closer to the truth. In their own struggles they discover the degree to which the fractures that are happening in the stories they are covering are also reflections of their own internal fractures.

If you would like to donate to the making of this one-of-a-kind film, please go to: and make a pledge right away 
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For more information, you can contact the creator Varushka Franceschi at 

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT: “A Crack In Everything” is my contribution to the campaign against what is popularly known as “hydro-fracking” or just “fracking,” the extraction process of hydraulic fracturing, drilling deep into the shale rock of the earth and pumping in immense amounts of water mixed with a toxic cocktail of unregulated chemicals in order to make it easier to get to the natural gas within. This film project is a year and a half-long endeavor that began when I was asked for my participation on an anti-fracking ad campaign. My research brought me into the extraordinarily beautiful (though increasingly damaged) state of Pennsylvania. I was shocked and intensely moved by seeing firsthand how communities have been so severely affected by the ubiquitous drilling. I was inspired to write a story that reflects the deep fractures that have occurred not just in the geography of the land, but also in the human spirit. This is not only a very personal project for me but also about a topic that has struck a strong chord with millions of thoughtful people across the nation and the globe. It is more important than ever for each of us to be a part of an ongoing conversation about the severity of the environmental crisis we face and man's contribution to climate change.