Kineta Offering Matcha Green Tea in the UK Through Online Shop

Press release   •   Apr 03, 2016 08:02 BST

Which green tea do you drink? It you boil leafs and then filter leafs from water and throw the boiled leafs as residue then you aren’t drinking green tea. But if your tea is Matcha then you’re drinking the real green tea.

“What is in green tea that everyone is drinking this variety of tea? It is purest form of tea hence it contains more nutrients than regular tea but you should know which tea makes a healthy drink. Most varieties of teas are made with dried leafs that make 100% residue”, said a supplier of matcha green tea.

What is your objective of drinking green tea? Do you want to lose weight or you’re drinking this tea to get health benefits like boosting energy? You should know what your tea can do for you before you make an opinion and investment on it. Matcha tea has a history that dates back to the period of Zen monks in Japan.

A Zen monk discovered Matcha while looking for something that can help in meditation. He discover tea leafs and used those leafs. He found that leafs were encouraging and thus the ceremonial green tea of Japan was born. It was Matcha and it is still the ceremonial drink of Japan. This tea comes in different flavors but both the flavors pack 100% nutrients.

“For a common many like you, the best part of this tea is that it doesn’t make residue. It comes in powder form and the powder dissolves completely in boiled water. So, when you it’s time to have a cup of tea, you can take a teaspoonful of Matcha and dissolve it in a cup of boiled water. Take it twice a day and take if for at least six months to see any health benefits”, the supplier added.

If you think that Matcha tea would be like others then you are wrong. But it isn’t your fault as you have no education and information on this variety of green tea. It is grown under shade and leafs are hand selected. Also leafs are steamed before drying and the dried leafs are kept in cold storage. The process develops taste and nutritional value.

“Matcha tea plants are grown under shades until they are harvested. It develops a strong flavor. Steaming before drying prevents fermentation and cool temperature improves the taste. The dried leafs are stone grounded to make fine powder that dissolves completely in water”, the supplier maintained.

If you look at the nutritional part of the tea, you’ll find that it has more antioxidants than any other variety and it is so because Matcha is grown under shade. It is the unique method of preparation makes this tea more valuable than any other variety. On further exploration, you’ll find that this very variety of tea contains is quite beneficial for health despite having a good variety of caffeine in it. If you want to take full advantage of green tea then start drinking matcha tea twice a day.

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