Kite To Send Delicate Message With New Packaging Range

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2013 16:16 GMT

This new range of sturdy double wall cartons is designed to be both strong and convey a clear message to handlers, without the need to add separate labels to the outer shell.

A spokesperson from Coventry based KitePackaging, which specialises in the supply of cardboard packing boxes and corrugated cardboard boxes said: "Customers were contacting us in search of a specialised packaging range for fragile items.  When adding extra labels to the outer shell, there is an additional expense and these don’t always stay in place. You are then left with the risk of delicate
items inside being damaged due to mishandling.Our new Handle With Care packing
boxes ensure that those who handle the sealed package en-route are instructed
to treat it with care."

The words 'FRAGILE Handle With Care' are clearly printed directly onto each box, which is manufactured from tough double walled EB flute corrugated cardboard for extra strength. They make great removal boxes, or can be used where goods may be handled by several people,
such as a courier.

A spokesperson added: "At Kite we believe in finding the very best affordable solutions to the
packaging problems of our client base. This new range of printed boxes should ensure that businesses transporting delicate items can significantly reduce the number of damaged items being returned, and as a result lower the cost of resends and keep customer satisfaction high."

For more information, please visit http://www.kitepackaging.co.uk/