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Korea and Estonia show leadership: using ICT to drive economic growth

Press release   •   Feb 12, 2013 08:20 GMT

Are countries with a high GDP per capita automatically becoming more developed in ICT? Or is it vice versa: That ICT development is driving the economic development of a country?

There are two countries with much more advanced ICT levels than what you would expect based on their GDP per capita: Korea and Estonia. They both believe in that ICT drives the economy.

Policy makers, educational institutions and industry players have cooperated to develop very high levels of ICT capability – in Korea’s case even top of the world. Through these investments, Korea and Estonia can expect a better economic development than other countries going forward.

In the first analysis in 2013, tefficient positions Korea and Estonia on the ‘world map of telecoms’.

“It’s impressive to see the leadership demonstrated by Korea and Estonia”, says Fredrik Jungermann of tefficient. “The take-up of fibre broadband is high and TV bundled on top of broadband is very common. 4G LTE take-up is very fast and the mobile data traffic per user is high.”

Download the analysis at www.tefficient.com/Analysis/.

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