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Larger Display Would Enhance The Appeal Of The iPhone 5

Press release   •   Mar 17, 2012 09:29 GMT

There are numerous rumours floating around about what the exact specification will be on the new iPhone 5 when it is finally released. There are several areas where we are sure there will be some changes but we take a look at features that the we really want to see on this new model when it is launched.

It seems that most people who currently own an iPhone would like to see the device incorporate a larger screen and this is a change that looks very likely to happen when the new iPhone 5 is launched. The popularity of video streaming applications such as Lovefilm and Netflix has increased massively over the last 12 months and these type of services really do benefit from a larger display. With brands such as Samsung offering a 5.3 inch display on their Galaxy Note model and HTC releasing models with 4.7 inch screens it demonstrates that the market values a larger display much more than ever before. When earlier versions of the iPhone were released a 3.5 inch screen allowed the device to display a high standard of image without any sacrifice of quality. Apple could have easily opted to include a larger screen on the handsets but this would have lowered the inferior pixel density so the brand opted for quality over size. Technology has improved and it is realistic to expect that a bigger display could now offer a similar pixel density to what was offered on the iPhone 4S. Expect the new iPhone 5 to include a display of around 4 inches which will help the device compete with some of the other major smartphones that are currently available.

Many manufacturers have started to include NFC chips on their devices which enables consumers to store debit card details on their phone and use the device to pay for goods and services. In theory this new technology is superb although at present retail outlets have been very slow to sign up to allow their stores to accept this type of payment. One reason why many people believe the platform is struggling slightly is because there is no Apple phone that incorporates this technology. It is rumoured that the new iPhone 5will incorporate NFC and if this change does occur we can expect renewed interest in the platform. Apple sell millions of their iPhone handsets which means that there could be millions of potential customers walking around with NFC enabled devices. This should ensure that any retailers who have been slow to embrace this new technology will perhaps reconsider their position. We would also love to see the new iPhone 5 include NFC as it offers a perfect way of sharing material with friends. Music, photographs and video content can be transferred by simply touching two phones together, a much easier method than sending the data in a message or activating the Bluetooth facility.

Only time will tell what facilities the new iPhone 5 will offer but a larger screen and NFC are two features that the we feel would really benefit the phone. A larger screen would make the device perfect for a range of new applications while NFC could totally change the way that we use and interact with our mobile phone.

The iPhone 5 is coming soon and the Samsung Galaxy Note is available now.

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