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Largest international job portal for academics released

Press release   •   Mar 29, 2012 10:58 BST

QS AIM - QS Academic International Mobility - the world’s largest global academic job portal, is made publicly available today on aim.qs.com

The portal lists thousands of jobs offered by some 300 highly ranked recruiters in the academic sector from over 40 countries around the world. It allows top jobseekers to search and compare opportunities in university teaching and research.
The new online platform is the latest innovation from global higher education experts, QS Quacquarelli Symonds, who have published the QS World University Rankings since 2004.
Tony Martin, spokesperson for QS AIM, explains that, due to the specialist nature of jobs in the academic sector, many positions are filled via professional networking, by advertising in specialist publications, or through universities' own websites, making certain jobs only accessible to a niche group.
“QS AIM will change the way the higher education sector searches for and compares jobs around the world. International mobility among the academic community has grown steadily in recent years, and we hope that by making the basic service free to universities and to job seekers in its launch stage, we will help break down existing barriers further,” says Martin.
Dr Terri Kim, a specialist in comparative higher education at Brunel University in London, UK, says: “Latest statistics show academics becoming ever more mobile. There are many and varied reasons for this, but among the most recent are the “push” of reduced public funding in some regions, and the “pull” of new and emerging investment hotspots in others.”
Universities looking to recruit the best talent possible to their campuses believe the “time is right” for QS AIM. “A few sites work well in specific countries but nothing currently works well across all prime international source countries. Most job boards are localized and target their region-specific talent.” Says Sharyn Gowans, senior manager for recruitment, RMIT University, Australia.

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