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Launch of Next Big Label

Press Release   •   Aug 13, 2015 19:56 BST

Next Big Label is an online marketplace designed for emerging independent clothing labels and vintage lines. There are so many small start up clothing lines out there which are constantly being searched for by young adults (15-35 year olds) but until now there was no site which allowed them to be found and to grow. Nowadays it is a growing trend that more and more young want to be wearing clothing which is from a small emerging label rather than what is found in the big high-street stores. This is where we come in, essentially we are a platform that promotes these Labels and helps them to grow, not only do we allow them to sell their clothing on our site but we market their products and Label ourselves!

Next Big Label was previously known as Skido. Next Big Label was started up by Patrick Blanshard and Archie Kevill (two sixth form students) as part of an ‘Entrepreneur in Residence Competition’ by Milton Abbey School in Dorset, the competition featured Anya Hindmarch as the mentor. We went through the rounds of the competition and ended up winning overall. As part of the prize we received a grant to really get this marketplace going.

The idea was to create a website which acted as a platform for these emerging labels to sell their clothing so that they could have a competitive advantage in the real world of fashion. There are so many small labels out there and more being created but until now they never had anywhere to market themselves, grow or receive support. If they choose to join Next Big Label they would be able to sell their clothing to our growing customer base, receive exclusive access to our support team and to a range of guides written by our in-house team from ‘How to write a business plan’ to ‘Getting on the first page of Google’. Any new products added to our site by them will be reviewed by us to maximise sales and to become search engine optimised so that the product and Label can be found on search engines. Obviously there is a price for our service, we charge a small monthly fee of £4.00 and then we take 20% commission for every sale through our site.

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Next Big Label is an online marketplace designed for emerging independent clothing labels and vintage lines.