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Launch of Sri Lankan novel on International Day of World's Indigenous Peoples

Press release   •   Aug 09, 2013 06:30 BST

“Captures your heart and interest and doesn’t let go.”

Having emigrated to England with her parents, Rohini longs to live again in Sri Lanka with her grandparents and ayah. When she returns for a visit, she tries to prove she can take care of herself so her father can see it’s safe for the family to go back for good.

The book is distinct from other diaspora stories in that it speaks of a child’s efforts to find solutions to problems that God and adults fail to resolve; and while there are two scenes of civil unrest, the novel doesn’t attempt to explore the causes in depth, as it’s the young girl’s tale that is the main focus.

The storyline is also built around the Veddhas, the little-known aboriginal race in Sri Lanka whose hunter-gatherer lifestyle is on the verge of extinction. To help preserve even remnants of ancestral ways, Renuka David has deliberately mixed current rituals with those from a hundred years ago and feels obligated to raise awareness of their culture, even in a small way.


Scheduled for release in late 2012, the novel was held back until International Indigenous People's Day. The opening will also appear in Autumn 2013 in a CCWC anthology entitled, “Collages.”

About Renuka David

She is British-Sri Lankan, lives in the UK and based the story on her feelings at leaving her birth country. When she’s not working in finance, she writes novels, screenplays and poetry. Lately, she works in the charitable sector and aims to continue in this field, alongside her writing career.


To read an excerpt or learn more about the author, please visit the website below or contact:

Galle Face Publishing

Mobile: +44 (0)7791-647751
Email:   info@renukadavid.com
Web:    www.renukadavid.com