Press release   •   Dec 17, 2012 08:30 GMT

Businesses desperate to slash their marketing costs whilst guaranteeing their sales pipeline can breathe a sigh of relief with the launch today of Linked2Leads.

A complete online 15-Day lead generation system, Linked2Leads equips you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to easily unlock the hidden power of LinkedIn, the number one social media platform for business.

The company behind Linked2Leads, Linked4Success, is so confident in its product that it offers a cast iron 100% money back guarantee for anyone that follows the system and doesn’t generate leads within just 30 days.

Developed by LinkedIn lead generation expert, Sarah Hughes, Linked2Leads is a practical online video tutorial system that guides you screen-by-screen, day-by-day to the exact actions required to leverage LinkedIn’s unparalleled power of free lead generation.

At the heart of the system is a 15-day video tutorial programme, where Sarah shows you exactly what to do. 

Invest just 30-45 minutes per day for 15 days and users will soon be finding and connecting to prospective customers within the world’s most popular online professional network.

Whilst some fast track and complete the whole system in just a handful of days, others can take up to 90 days to implement the system, going at a pace that suits them.

Including a wealth of resources, from handy do’s and don’ts guides to live online meetings to review your progress and keep you on track, the system provides all you need to market for free with LinkedIn.

Available 24/7 online, Linked2Leads is the perfect solution for time-strapped independent professionals who want to learn in smaller chunks through to global businesses with teams spread across different locations and time zones.

An award-winning UK-based marketer who set up her first company in 2002, Sarah combined her marketing and sales psychology insight with her in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn to form Linked4Success in 2010.

“Being an entrepreneur and marketer, I could see LinkedIn’s potential early on and decided to invest thousands of hours learning LinkedIn’s lead generation secrets so that I could share these with other businesses.”

Sarah and her team have spent the last 10 months producing Linked2Leads, “Through workshops and strategy days, companies gladly pay thousands to access my game-changing knowledge. Now, with Linked2Leads, start-ups to blue chips can get the inside track for a fraction of this.”

With Linked2Leads you discover the answers to secrets such as how to:

  • Build and leverage the power of your network and achieve leads
  • Pinpoint hot prospects on your doorstep using up to 12 filters
  • Explore and understand how your whole company can leverage the power of LinkedIn
  • Perfect a compelling personal profile that commands attention (one simple action alone increases your profile view by 317%)
  • Protect yourself against snooping competitors with one simple step
  • Maximise LinkedIn’s Groups with a two-strand strategy
  • Be found for the services or products you offer by prospects ready to buy.

Suitable for large corporates to professional associations, member organisations and sole traders, Linked2Leads is ideal for LinkedIn novices and seasoned users alike.


  • Live demos of the Linked2Leads system and free access
  • Broadcast, print and digital interviews available with Sarah Hughes
  • Imagery available includes screen grabs of Linked2Leads,
  • Video content available of the tutorials, Sarah explaining why LinkedIn is such as powerful lead generation tool
  • Thought pieces and articles available on LinkedIn, social media marketing and sales psychology.


Discover how to market for free and super-size your lead generation in just 15 days (with the potential to generate leads from day 1!) with this easy, quick and effective system.

Sarah Hughes shares her secrets to unlocking the hidden pathways of LinkedIn with this complete online system:

  • Online video tutorials - structured into 15 days, work alongside Sarah, implement changes there and then!
  • LIVE online meetings fortnightly with Sarah to super-boost your results
  • Handy guides and manuals - includes ‘How to Secure a Meeting with your Hot Prospect in Just 5 Clicks’)
  • Power copy templates – the EXACT words for maximum impact, simply copy and paste
  • Daily motivational message of tips and encouragement direct your inbox for 15 days to keep you motivated and generating leads
  • Communications calendar social media management guide and template which equips you to save time and achieve results
  • PLUS - guides and special offers from guest experts to maximise your lead generation.

ABOUT LINKED4SUCCESS, the company behind Linked2Leads

Linked4Success equips you with the knowledge, skills, confidence to generate leads for free using LinkedIn, the #1 social media site for business.

All of our activity comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Founded by The LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert, Sarah Hughes, step-by-step Linked4Success provides you with tried, tested, trusted systems to suit how and when you want to maximise the power of LinkedIn to generate leads quickly, simply, permanently.

Wherever you are in the world, if you’re targeting a business-to-business audience, Linked4Success offers a range of ways to put you in thelead generation driving seat.

As well as our online system, Linked2Leads, we also share our knowledge through the following:

Linked Face Time - In-person interactive workshops

This half-day or full-day workshop focuses on creating an engaging, optimised and lead generating LinkedIn presence for you or your business.

Bring your laptops to the workshops (or we provide them) to unlock more connections, routes to key decision-makers, and ultimately more business during the following days and weeks.

Linked Achiever

Linked Achiever is a one-to-one intensive day for high-achieving, time-pressured MDs, CEOs and Executives who need to quickly get the inside track on LinkedIn.

Benefit from Sarah’s undivided attention as she shares her unique blend of LinkedIn, marketing and sales psychology knowledge and expertise to give you that extra competitive advantage.

Held at a date and location of your choice, the day is 100% focussed upon ensuring that you achieve.

Linked Strategy

Would you like to avoid the mistakes many organisations understandably make when using LinkedIn and cut out costly time wasting activity?

Linked Strategy is a bespoke service that provides you with answers to questions including:

  • Who will implement your LinkedIn and wider social media activity?
  • How will you support and control your staff’s social media marketing activity
  • How and when should your social media activity take place?
  • How can you measure its effectiveness?


With 185 million members worldwide, LinkedIn offers the world’s most impressive marketing and lead generation tool.  What’s more, it’s pretty much all for free.

Here are just 9 of the many reasons why we at Linked4Success adore LinkedIn:
  1. Provides the world’s ONLY 100% accurate and fresh business-to-business database
  2. 297% more effective than Facebook and twitter for generating leads with business audiences
  3. Allows you to find and connect to prospects from across the globe to within 10 miles of your doorstep
  4. Members now span 200 countries, including the UK, US, France, Japan and India
  5. More than 4.2 billion searches were conducted last year for members seeking other business services
  6. More than 1 million groups form the world’s biggest active professional communities where you can share thoughts, find and connect to prospects and share recommendations
  7. Enables you to quickly assert yourself as a thought leader in your chosen subject
  8. Provides unparalleled insight into your prospects’ professional and corporate profiles
  9. Offers free market research and prospect identification with its poll function.