Official Emma Perry


Press Release   •   Jan 23, 2016 00:22 GMT

Emma started singing when she were just 7 years old, she took part in school productions in both primary school and secondary school. Also Emma was a victim of bullying throughout her school life. She has decided to pursue her singing career to follow her path to fame doing something she loves.

Here is what she had to say when asked about it "I knew from my heart that singing is what I want to do and to go from a victim of bullying to standing up and saying enough is enough its incredible and i just want all my fans to know and fellow victims of bullying to know you can make a change and you can turn your life around exactly what I'm doing and there is help out there such as BulliesOut who I turned to when I couldn't tell my mum what was happening"

Emma turned to YouTube to start her singing career off hoping someone somewhere would get in touch she is at the minute signed to Any And All Records so if your out and about especially in Leeds keep an eye out for Emma she can be seen quite a lot in shops and around the city centre feel free to ask for autographs and photos as Emma loves seeing her fans.

Emma was asked the following questions

1.What advice would you give to a fan if they were to follow in your steps? "I would say to just follow your dreams and never give up you can get caught up in all the madness of people wanting to sign you and well just live your dream"

2.How did you create your fantastic videos? "well first off I started just using my webcam until I paid for a studio mic and then I found Smule where you can collaborate with Jessie J,Leona Lewis etc and at the minute I now use StarMaker where I am also signed to their network both apps are free and its free to join their network"

3.Emma If you were to complete your path to fame and you did a tour which venue would be at the top of your list the most? "well I probably would say Leeds Arena because Leeds is my hometown and it would feel right to perform at home before venturing out to other amazing venues such as Wembley and the O2 arena but yes definitely Leeds"

Well there you have it how about that? Emma dropped us her secrets of how she made her brilliant YouTube videos and also said she would perform in Leeds Arena if her path were to be completed! don't forget to visit her YouTube channel Official Emma Perry and follow her on Twitter @OfficialEmmaP and make sure you like comment and subscribe to her channel and keep a look out for this star around Leeds City Centre she also offered to have selfies with fans and sign autographs!

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