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Legendary Audio Brand Technics Returns with a Mission to Help Listeners ‘Rediscover Music’

Press Release   •   Sep 03, 2014 14:46 BST

Berlin, September 3rd 2014 – Panasonic Corporation today announced the return of the much loved and iconic ‘Technics’ audio brand into the European market. 

The first new Technics Hi-fi products in six years will be released into Europe from December onwards before progressively expanding to other regions across the globe.

The announcement was made by Michiko Ogawa, director of the Technics project. Ogawa, a former Technics audio engineer herself and also a popular, well known jazz pianist in Japan, explained that the new products are based on a concept called the ‘Technics Definitive Sound’ which builds upon decades of audio technology development and knowhow. The concept is comprised of three major technical elements:

‘Accurate Digital Technology’: which ensures signal transmission with precise phase and gain characteristics, and ideal power conversion,

‘Noiseless Signal Technology’: which thoroughly reduces noise to realise equipment ideal for digital audio,

‘Emotive Acoustic Technology’: which realises a clear sound image and spacious soundstage with an ultra-wide bandwidth and high dynamic range.

Furthermore, according to Ogawa, the most important mission of the new Technics is to deliver emotionally-engaging musical experiences which are unique to each of us.

 “We grow up repeatedly discovering and being moved by new types of music. However as we get older we get distracted by all the things going on in our lives and perhaps misplace the pure love of music.  Through the new Technics products we are striving to offer listeners the feeling of ‘rediscovering music’, by helping them to have such uniquely emotionally-engaging experiences – ones that we seem to have lost”, said Ogawa explaining the meaning behind the new slogan of ‘Rediscover Music’.

Two New Hi-fi Audio System Series

Technics will initially launch two series of products: the R1 reference-class system, and the premium-class C700 system.

Reference Class R1 Series consists of three hi-fi audio components designed to deliver superlative musical experiences.

- Stereo Power Amplifier SE-R1

- Network Audio Control Player SU-R1

- Speaker System SB-R1

Premium Class C700 Series consists of four hi-fi components designed to deliver emotionally-engaging music with a refined style. With the new form of network audio, we accept no compromise in sound quality by adopting the essence of the technologies employed in the Reference Class.

- Stereo Integrated Amplifier SU-C700

- Network Audio Player ST-C700

- Compact Disc Player SL-C700

- Speaker System SB-C700 

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Technics products will go on sale from December onwards. For more information please see:, or follow on Facebook or @technics on Twitter.

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