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Lets Take A Look At The HTC One X And Its Internet Browser

Press Release   •   Aug 13, 2012 10:52 BST

The HTC One X is an exceptional mobile handset and one area where the phone is particularly impressive is for internet browsing. Thanks to a large display and great connectivity options the model excels in this area. We take a look at some alternatives to the Android browser that comes supplied with the phone.

One of our top mobile browsers for the HTC One X is the excellent Dolphin HD 8.0. This is the most recent version of the popular platform and it offer several improved features that enhance the user experience. One of the main changes present on this browser is the new Sonar voice recognition facility. This new aspect of the browser enables users to carry out a range of functions via voice commands. Whereas some rival software also offers voice recognition this often only extends as far as search features. Sonar enables a number of other tasks to completed such as book marking pages, sharing material with other users and actually navigating the browser. Many users will prefer to stick to more traditional means of navigation and an attractive and simple to use UI is present to help in this department. Simple gestures can be assigned to open favourite pages and tabbed browsing can also be used should you want more than one site open at once.

Google Chrome has established itself as a leading desktop browser and now the impressive software can be downloaded for the HTC One X. The huge range of features together with fast browsing speeds have made Chrome popular and it is pleasing to see these attributes present on the mobile version. The tabbed browsing facilities are second to none so it really is the perfect choice should you want to manage multiple web pages at the same time. Google Chrome also takes advantage of an advanced compression system which helps pages to lad much faster than they would on other browsers. An offline mode is a great feature that enables pages to be stored and viewed at a later time, even without an Internet connection present. If you also use the desktop version of this software the mobile app synchronises with this so browsing history can be accessed from both versions as well as bookmarks.

The HTC One X is one of the best handsets of 2012 and a perfect device for internet browsing. The two browsers we have looked at really enhance the browsing experience that this model offers and are worth a look from anybody using the phone for lots of web browsing.

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