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LGB Direct detail techniques that catapult candidates through interview stages

Press release   •   Mar 13, 2018 14:28 GMT

LGB Direct are a Watford based sales and marketing specialists with a wealth of experience behind them, since their inception in 2010. The firm is turning their attention to providing young professionals with tools and techniques for use during interview processes within the business.

LGB Direct: Opportunities

The firm has had a recent focus on workshops that are aimed at interview tips that differ from the norm, to help young professionals to stand out from the crowd. LGB Direct boasts a group of dynamic and dedicated aspiring entrepreneurs and is hopeful to continue to attract young professionals that fit this mould.

As such, the company has released a statement detailing crucial aspects they are encouraging job seekers to take into account as interview preparation.

Think aloud when answering tricky or analytic questions states LGB Direct, this is a prime example of showing how an individual’s brain works in solving unusual queries and provides a better image than one minute's silence before saying a random answer. This technique will showcase communication skills, and provides a more accessible avenue for recognising mistakes.

Asking questions that directly targets two areas shows initiative explores LGB Direct, using this technique to ask a query and showcase a further skill will cause the interviewer to take notice. An example of this being used is discussing language skills, and querying about any opportunities for travel. LGB Direct details how this technique is particularly valuable if you have a number of skills or qualities that we not discussed organically throughout the primary interview.

During the conclusion of an interview is the crucial moment to make an impact and impression state the firm, at this point, LGB Direct advise asking the bold question; ‘Has anything throughout this interview given you doubt of my abilities in regards to this role?’ This question is likely to cause the interviewer to think and opens up a further line of communication to address any potential concerns on the company’s side.

LGB Direct is always searching for aspirational young entrepreneurs that are wishing to gain experience in a self-employed sales and marketing role. The firm offers a variety of benefits including their business development programme that exposes professionals to workshops, mentoring, networking and industry event opportunities. Any individuals wishing to apply to a firm with almost a decade of experience within the industry can contact them via email on


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