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Liberal Democratic Party: 210,000 builders chasing 300 jobs says Goldsworthy

Press Release   •   Feb 05, 2010 08:26 GMT

Over 210,000 people are seeking work in the construction industry and only 302 jobs are available in Great Britain, figures highlighted by the Liberal Democrats have revealed.

The figures, revealed in Parliamentary answers and the Government’s own JobCentre Plus website, show that 210,260 people on JobSeeker’s Allowance are looking for construction jobs, but the Government’s website lists just 302 jobs for the whole country.

Parliamentary answers also showed that construction company bankruptcies rose by almost 40% in just one year.

The number of construction company liquidations in England and Wales was an estimated 1,944 in 2007. This figure rose by 758 – a rise of 39% – over a year with 2,702 insolvencies listed for 2008.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary Julia Goldsworthy said:

“This Government has done little to help the construction industry in recent years.

“Gordon Brown bailed out the banks but seems to have forgotten about the small businesses that have been hit hard in this sector.

“We don’t yet know the situation for last year and 2010 could paint an even bleaker picture.

“An injection of £1.4bn to bring empty homes back into use would provide a much needed boost to this sector and help tackle the huge waste caused by the hundreds of thousands of homes that lay empty in the UK.”