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Liberal Democratic Party: 3 Questions for Jack Straw at Iraq Inquiry says Davey

Press Release   •   Feb 08, 2010 11:23 GMT

Commenting ahead of Jack Straw’s appearance today at the Iraq Inquiry, Liberal Democrat Shadow Foreign Secretary, Edward Davey has set out three key questions that must be answered.

Commenting, Edward Davey said:

“Jack Straw has systematically hidden the truth about the advice he received from Foreign Officer Legal Advisers and the Attorney General over the legality of the Iraq war. He’s tried to hoodwink the Cabinet, Parliament and then the British people in his cover up.

“How can any judge or lawyer, let alone the British people, have confidence in the Minister in charge of our legal system when he has apparently shown such reckless disregard for the legal advice he’s given, the Ministerial Code he's supposed to keep to and the demands of the Freedom of Information Act he piloted through Parliament.

“Unless he can provide the Chilcot Inquiry with some plausible explanation for these actions, he can surely no longer remain as the Secretary of State for Justice.

“Sir John Chilcot and his colleagues therefore must be fair today to the Secretary of State for Justice – they must allow Jack Straw this final chance to clear his name.”