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Liberal Democratic Party: Cameron’s admission on Iraq shows unfitness for government says Davey

Press Release   •   Jan 18, 2010 10:45 GMT

Cameron’s admission he didn’t think carefully on Iraq shows unfitness for government said the Liberal Democrat Shadow Foreign Secretary.

Commenting on David Cameron’s claims that he would have to think ‘much more carefully’ on future interventions such as Iraq, Edward Davey said:

“Iraq was a judgement call and David Cameron and the Conservatives got it badly wrong. David Cameron could have joined the Liberal Democrats in opposing this illegal war at the time, but instead he backed Blair and Bush.

“Now Cameron admits that he didn’t even think carefully before voting for Britain’s worst foreign policy disaster since Suez. If he didn’t think it was worth thinking things through before backing a hugely destructive invasion without the support of the UN, then he is alarmingly unfit for Government.

“David Cameron should just admit he got it wrong and apologise to the British people. Without recognising his own failure of judgement, and with unrepentant neo-conservatives like Liam Fox and William Hague at the helm of Tory defence and foreign policy, the public will question whether the Conservatives have changed at all.”