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Liberal Democratic Party: Government plans to police illegal file-sharing are unclear

Press Release   •   Dec 03, 2009 11:25 GMT

Liberal Democrat peer and spokesperson on Culture, Media and Sport, Lord Clement-Jones has called for greater clarity regarding Government proposals to police illegal file-sharing.

Speaking during the second reading of the Digital Economy Bill yesterday [2 December 2009], Lord Clement-Jones said:

"Creators must be protected from people stealing their work through illegal downloads. However, exactly how the Government plans to do this is not sufficiently clear.”

Lord Clement-Jones highlighted three areas of concern:

  • Thresholds for downloading files illegally before the first warning is triggered must not be set too low

  • The quality of data submitted by ISPs [Internet Service Providers] to prove illegal downloading must meet agreed standards

  • Proposals in the Bill which enable the Government to amend copyright law at will are unnecessary and over-reaching

Lord Clement-Jones added:

"We will also insist on a guaranteed year’s grace to ensure consumers know the reach of the law before any decision can be taken to impose ‘technical measures’ on persistent offenders.”