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Liberal Democratic Party: Labour and Tories to blame for chasm between rich and poor says Laws

Press Release   •   Jan 27, 2010 09:39 GMT

“We need action to tackle the gross unfairness of our tax system," said the Liberal Democrat Shadow Children, Schools and Families Secretary.

Commenting on today’s National Equality Panel report, David Laws said:

“This report confirms the damage done to Britain’s society in the 1980s by the Conservative Government has yet to be repaired.

“Gordon Brown has failed to make significant progress in reducing inequality. His Government has run out of ideas for tackling the lack of opportunity for so many children and the chasm that separates the rich from the poor.

“The Conservatives talk about a broken society, but their policies on inheritance tax and cutting education funding would make Britain less fair and further reduce opportunities for disadvantaged young people.

“We need action to tackle the gross unfairness of our tax system and to target education spending in a way that would give every child a real chance of delivering on his or her potential.”