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Liberal Democratic Party: Lansley should attend social care conference says Lamb

Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2010 08:18 GMT

Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary, Norman Lamb has today written to Andrew Lansley to urge him to attend Friday’s conference on social care.

Andrew Lansley is refusing to attend the cross party conference on the basis that the Government will not rule out a compulsory levy. This is despite earlier indications that he accepted that the issue of voluntary versus compulsory schemes was one of the key points to be resolved in a consensus building process.

Norman Lamb has also called for the talks to be held in the open, rather than in secret.

Commenting, Norman Lamb said:

“Social care is one of the most pressing challenges any new Government will have to deal with.

“Over the last week care for the elderly has become a political football in a most unseemly way. We must set party loyalties aside and try to get to grips with this problem. 

“I’ve written to Andrew Lansley to urge him to come to this conference.

“The care system is in crisis and many elderly people are getting inadequate care. The Liberal Democrats want efforts to achieve a cross-party agreement on social care to sort this problem out once and for all. Critically those efforts must engage the public and all those organisations involved in care for the elderly.  The Tories will be betraying older voters if they fail to take part

“I want this conference to be the start of a process which engages the public in a national debate as we seek conclusions to this most crucial priority. It should be broadcast live on the internet and people should be encouraged to send in their ideas and views.”