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Liberal Democratic Party: Liberal Democrat Leader calls for tuition fees to be scrapped

Press Release   •   Dec 21, 2009 10:36 GMT

The Liberal Democrats today confirmed their commitment to scrapping student tuition fees.

Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg has announced that scrapping tuition fees would remain one of the party’s most important policies.

Today he set out a timetable to scrap fees, including those for part-time courses, over the six years following the General Election.

He said: “This is good news for students and for everyone who wants a fairer Britain.

“Students want to be treated like grown ups. They know money doesn’t grow on trees and that big spending commitments like this are only affordable over time.

“We’ve developed a plan to phase out tuition fees over the course of the next six years, to ensure this vital policy is affordable even during this time of economic crisis.

“You should decide whether going to university makes sense for you and you shouldn’t have to make the decision based on your bank balance.

“Labour and the Conservatives refuse to address the issue of fees and there is a real danger that both of them would lift the cap on fees which could mean even more debt for students when they leave university.”