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Liberal Democratic Party: Oakeshott challenges Ashcroft to say whether he’s a non-dom

Press Release   •   Dec 15, 2009 10:42 GMT

Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesman, Lord Oakeshott is today writing to Lord Ashcroft, the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, asking him to clarify whether he is a non-dom or not following David Cameron’s announcement of proposals on MPs’ and peers’ tax status.

The text of Lord Oakeshott’s letter is below:

Dear Lord Ashcroft

Your Tax Status

Your leader David Cameron said yesterday: “There are members of the House of Lords whose tax status is unclear.  If you want to sit in the House of Lords or Commons you have to be a fully resident UK taxpayer”.  Philip Hammond, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, confirmed this morning this meant peers must be “Resident, ordinarily resident and domiciled in the United Kingdom for tax purposes”.

You are Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, a leading donor and Conservative peer and, in Mr Cameron’s words your “tax status is unclear”. Are you a non dom or not?

Yours sincerely

Lord Oakeshott

Commenting, Lord Oakeshott said:

“Time and time again, senior Tories have failed to clarify Lord Ashcroft’s tax status.

“If it’s wrong for non-doms to sit in the Lords after the election, it's equally wrong for them to sit in it now.”