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Liberal Democratic Party: Tory pay freeze policy could hit low-paid soldiers says Rennie

Press Release   •   Jan 21, 2010 10:28 GMT

Liberal Democrat MP Willie Rennie has challenged Scottish Conservative Leader Annabel Goldie to abandon her unfair pay freeze policy.

The demand comes after exchanges in the Scottish Parliament confirmed that the Conservatives are planning to extend their pay freeze to military personnel. Whilst there will be an allowance for personnel on active duty, injured and relatively low-paid soldiers in Scottish battalions could still be hit under the Tory plan.

Commenting, Willie Rennie said:

“This policy is blatantly unfair. Under the Tories, a soldier injured in active service could be hammered because he can’t get to the front line. A soldier returning from service in Afghanistan after a six month tour could find that the Conservatives have cut his pay in real terms while he was away.

“It’s clear life would get worse, not better, for most people under a Conservative Government.

“It will not just be young soldiers. A newly qualified Scottish nurse or teacher will also lose out under the Tory plans for pay limits. But the unfairness to our Armed Forces will be most stark.

“The Conservatives need to go back to the drawing board. Only the Liberal Democrats would give our troops the fair pay they deserve.”