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Press Release   •   Sep 20, 2014 17:23 BST

Life coaches UK are tasked with many different situations are required to be qualified in understanding the motivations, habits, rituals and both conscious and sub conscious minds. This then can be programmed by using mental principles, self belief and confidence training to help people, with either business or personal objectives, goals or dreams to develop the skills, rituals and habits that produce the results they need and desire.

People say they like change... not true! People like change for the better not for worse, but because change is the only constant, goals enable people to control the direction of change which can allow them to control whether there is a positive or negative movement.

So let's talk about the corridor effect. In a literal corridor if you stand still you never get anywhere, you can see the doors that you like the look of to go through but if you are not moving, all you do it look at them. The same is true in life, many people speak of wanting certain things in life but do nothing to get themselves to where they need to get too in order to enjoy it.

How do we move down the corridor of life? By setting goals. By setting and working toward goals it adds massive enjoyment to life both adding the happiness and the feeling of achievement. While moving down the corridor of life we pass other doors or opportunities. By working toward our goals we actually open up other doors and may choose to change our path.

As we progress faster through the corridors we also exercise the law of attraction, we attract people and circumstances that are directly related to the person we are inside. If we have a positive style mind it is manifested in actions and thus we attract positive people. If we are angry then our actions are mirrored in angry or violent acts and we will attract other angry people around us.

So look around at your friends, what are they like? Look carefully because we only tend to create strong rapport with people we are like or people we would like to be. Our enemies tend to be people who we feel we have nothing in common with and who the thought of us becoming like makes us feel very uneasy.

So, always be willing to move forward in life by setting goals and achieving them. If we don't we become like a dog who chases a car. Have you ever seen a dog chasing a car? I meant whats the point?! What is the dog going to do when he catches it? Well, he finds another car going past and chases that instead. It expends lots of energy, been running all day and accomplished absolutely nothing.

We have to be the same in life, work hard at measurable goals that product results. The law of return states that you need to put in to get out. You cannot go into a bank and ask for interest before you have even paid money in money! Yet many in life do! They expect something for nothing. Put in hard, hard work now to pull interest and results in 6 months then reinvest this in a new goal with your energy and the interest you got back from the last goal.

Thing about it, its what you are enjoying or feeling pain from now that is directly resulted to something you have done or said in the last 12 months. So make a change now by deciding that you will work hard now with no rewards so that you benefit from this in six months. Then if you keep making this progress the standard you will gradually keep improving your circumstances.

We also talk about rituals but this is another story from Signature Success Life & Career Coaching UK that we will publish soon.

Life coaching is a science based on mind and body to help build in success habits that are build around the law of attraction, the law of return and the law of success.

We are proud to help our clients to get over basic problems to life changing tragedies. 

Thank you for reading and we hope to talk to you soon

Signature Success Life & Career Coaching UK

Dr Robert Schuller said it best when he said "tough times never last but tough people do!"

As a motivational, inspirational and life coaching company our goal is simply to help you by means of our years of experience to reach your goals or dreams. Whether they be based on financial success, personal development, relationship and career consulting or personality improvement Signature Success Life & Career Coaching will give you the tools you need now and for the rest of your life.
There are certain principles every successful person has no matter what the industry or sport they are leaders in. 

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We harness these principles and build them into your daily habits. Combine this with powerful rituals or habits while we integrate internal self-belief and confidence in you and one morning you will wake up and decide what you want and let nothing stop you from acheiving it.

Failure is a part of success, the famous saying "If you want to increase how fast you become successful you need to double your failure rate" is very true. 80% of self made millionaires were financially bankrupt not too long before they hit success.

Success is made from small steps, not large leaps and the first few steps are in the mind itself.

Life Coaching

Your personal life is the place where you learn the major lessons in life, its the place you leave for work, and the place you come home too afterwards and a place you develop meaningful relationships. So by getting a close to perfect balance with your home life and relationships, money and goals you can make it the best place to wake up to, go home to, to live in and maximise the time you spend with your family ensuring they always get the best part of you.Here we can help you with the mental balance of success, personal growth and development, family and home life and business fulfillment by developing powerful attitude and action rituals to enhance balance.

Career Consulting & Coaching

The skill to progressing can be broken down into four sections of balance each with several modules: 

  • Vision - The ability to see your goal alive clearly in your mind's eye already accomplished
  • Personal Development - Powerful learning you do when you are driving, are at home or play, not at work.
  • Goals - Goals are like train signs on your way to your destination. 
  • Turn dreams into goals written on paperAction - Turn your dreams into goals written on paper, the sub goals to achieve your goal, then make it so! 

We hope to hear from you soon because success comes in many forms and we want to work with you to achieve your goals and dreams.

Believe in yourself, whatever your dreams, you won't believe how much power you have inside you.