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Press Release   •   Feb 17, 2011 16:32 GMT

According to, latest fears of a double-dip recession combined with new research* claiming one third of Brits are struggling to cover the cost of living, is leading people further into risk of being dramatically underinsured on home contents.  With Brits already underinsured by 30 per cent on average, the reality is many are now fabricating home contents values simply to get lower premiums so the likelihood of getting caught-short on claims is now at an all-time high.


Tim Roots, managing director at explains: “To lower the estimated value of your personal possessions without first investigating the real value of your contents is false economy. Every day insurers are dealing with disputed claims from home owners being under insured and/or not having the details to prove what contents they had in the first place. To add to that, the percentage of underinsurance will leave consumers feeling rather short changed should they ever need to claim.”


The recent VAT rise also means that it will now cost 2.5 per cent more to replace items as new should the unthinkable happen. 


Roots continues, “Many people take the gamble that they will never need to make a claim; and maybe they won’t. But in a climate of further recession resulting in increases burglaries and to add to that, bad weather conditions and increased risks of flooding, simply hoping it won’t happen to you is a very high risk gamble to take.”


Things to think about before you undervalue your prized possessions even further:


  • Work out what your contents are really worth before making a decision and don’t just use a calculator to add up all the items


  • Make the exercise worthwhile and record all the details as well as the value, including the cost, make and date purchased. This way you will be ready to fast track your claim should you need to make one.


  • Tell your insurer where you are getting your quotes fromso that you have every detail for accurate cover should you need to make a claim and so that you can make a true valuation.


  • Ask your insurer for a reduction in the premium for having the facts, or at least a lower excess as you will save them a lot of time and money processing a claim.  It’s far better to get a discount this way than fabricating the truth. is a home contents management system which works on a PC with an internet connection and/or via the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch. It quickly and easily enables the home-owner to create a virtual image of their home...then discover value and record every valuable asset.

Flood Victim Case Study:

We have a case study available of a very recent flood victim who went away over Christmas and returned to find burst pipes and a flooded home – everything is destroyed. Please contact for further information and images.

About is a web-based home contents management system that enables home-owners to keep an accurate, up to date record of all assets and valuables for insurance purposes.  On average, every household is unwittingly under-insured by 30% on their home contents policy, with the majority discovering the shortfall only when they make an insurance claim; at which point it is too late to rectify.  Furthermore, over 90% could not make an accurate claim in the event of a major loss. helps you record every asset at its true value, ensuring you will have all the information you need for a fast track claim. is simple to use, and can be accessed via a PC and/or Apple iPhone/iPod touch. 90% of the asset discovery and recording process can be done whilst on the move.  The application enables you create a virtual image of your home and add contents to each room with the aid of asset icons. You can then take high resolution pictures of all your assets (including audio equipment, home furnishings, jewellery, children’s toys, artwork and clothing) and attach these to the asset icon.  You can also store photographs of receipts, invoices and certificates against each asset. Accessing your account via a PC will enable you to add more data to each asset should you not be able to locate any paperwork.


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