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Limited Risk Launch - Event Life Savers

Press Release   •   Jul 04, 2013 22:55 BST

Even the most obvious and well-planned elements of an event can sometimes present last minute problems. Event Security and crowd management is unlikely to be completely overlooked, but as was highlighted last year during the Olympics, can be mis-calculated to the point where last minute
solutions are required.

In the continuing feature on last minute life savers, event industry veteran Michael Quinton explains how his company Limited Risk is set up to assist with any last minute problems.

"Delivering security and crowd management for an event is a task that, quite obviously, we would prefer to be involved with from an early stage. Our experience in the industry means that attending production and ESAG meetings ahead of an event not only puts our staff in a better position, but allows the client to utilise our knowledge for their own benefit. However, if called upon at short notice, the transparent hourly pricing structure we deploy is extremely beneficial to an event organiser."

The hourly pricing structure that Michael refers to is one that includes all of the essential extras that other security providers often charge as additions to their hourly rate. This includes radios, event security management plans, site specific risk assessments, travel, accommodation and onsite catering. 

"We built all of these elements in to our hourly pricing structure quite simply to give event organisers a more straightforward way to plan their budgets. By eliminating extra charges, if an organiser came to us at short notice with a shortfall of say 500 hours, we could give them an exact price almost immediately that even includes things like site safety vehicles and a dedicated security manager."

Having won awards including "Best Business" thanks to his previous security work in the UK, Michael returned from the 3rd consecutive year providing event security, crowd safety and consultancy in the USA and launched Limited Risk that now employs over 700 staff. The
company’s expansion has been rapid, supplying in to areas that including sporting events, live entertainment and the corporate sector.



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