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Lions Direct Limited Put Pressure on Industry Leaders to Build a Diverse Workforce.

Press Release   •   Jul 12, 2018 12:33 BST

With a workforce comprising of multiple nationalities and numerous occupational and educational backgrounds, Lions Direct Limited believe their diversity is integral to their success, and they are putting pressure on industry leaders to build a diverse workforce.

Lions Direct Limited: About the firm

Lions Direct Limited work with individuals from across the globe. CEO Kamil Nosal was born and raised in Poland, and the business owner has assembled a workforce with individuals from Nigeria, Australia, Kenya, France, India and South Africa. The rookie business owner believes that diversity is one of their most significant attributes.

The Maidstone based firm has revealed the advantages to a diverse workforce.

1. Improved talent pool

CEO Kamil Nosal contends that it is important to embrace diversity when it comes to talent acquisition as it helps to attract a broader range of applicants. At Lions Direct Limited they are passionate and proud of their equal opportunity culture, where people are judged solely on individual merit. Mr. Nosal believes the firm’s commitment to diversity and fairness helps them to attract and retain the best talent.

2. Different talents & skillsets

Attracting people from diverse backgrounds results in the acquisition of a range of different talents and skillset. Mr. Nosal believes that having a workforce from a variety of backgrounds brings different ideas and skill-sets to the table which can prove to be hugely influential.

3. Innovation

To succeed in business, it’s vital for companies to keep innovating and staying ahead of the competition. Lions Direct Limited argues that embracing change and continuing to innovate is what distinguishes the average from the extraordinary. As a young firm with big goals, Mr. Nosal recognises that innovation will be critical to the success of Lions Direct Limited. The young business owner contends that working with people with a variety of skills and experiences provides the opportunity to learn from each other, which in turn helps to take the business forward.

4. Improved performance

Lions Direct Limited believe that a diverse working environment instills a sense of inclusiveness which helps people to feel comfortable and happy which in turn boosts morale and productivity.

Lions Direct Limited is a Maidstone-based direct sales and marketing firm. They provide clients with the highest standard of customer care, an exceptional customer buying experience, and the most loyal customer base. They are proud of their diverse workforce, and they are urging industry leaders to focus on diversifying their workforces.



CEO - Kamil Nosal


Lions Direct Limited will take full control of the campaign and our professional sales contractors will ensure the brand is exposed to consumers in a professional and friendly approach. We will track and analyse the sales data and can guarantee results.