Lip Man Of Nottingham Hits 'Needle On The Head' With Revolutionary Treatment

Press Release   •   Jan 21, 2016 12:30 GMT

A Nottingham based aesthetic practice has become the first clinic in the East Midlands to offer IntraVita IV nutrition drip therapy, dubbed by celebrities as 'the lunch hour detox'

Medical Cosmetics, which has recently moved to its new clinic at Compton Acres Shopping Centre in West Bridgford, has announced it shall be offering the therapy, which replaces nutrient levels through IV infusions in the back of a patient’s hand.

Allegedly popular with celebrities suffering from burn-out, Rihanna, Simon Cowell and Madonna, are all said to be fans.

As many city goers may have binged throughout December on rich foods and alcohol, a lot of which will have been over processed and lacking in essential nutrients that the body needs, IV Therapy can promote detox, anti ageing, energy enhancement, improved athletic performance and general well-being, and is beneficial for depression, hormone balance and migraines.

Managing Director at Medical Cosmetics, Dr Asher Siddiqi, 40, who is known as the ‘lip man of Nottingham’ for his intricate artistry and incredible attention to detail said: “We are absolutely delighted to offer this treatment at our new facility and to be the first in Nottingham to do so, is really special.

“IV Therapy replaces nutrient levels through IV infusions, so a person’s body can be restored to peak fitness and maximum energy performance, it is used for any condition where low levels of nutrients or other nutritional deficiencies are suspected.”

Treatment lasts between 30/60 minutes, with many calling it the 'lunch hour detox', with results noticeable almost immediately with effects continuing throughout the following hours and days.

More than one in three people take daily nutrient supplements, but few people realise that the body's natural absorption process can render up to 85% of a vitamin pill useless, so only 15% of the active nutrients may actually find their way into the bloodstream.

Using Intravenous Nutrition, the nutrients enter the bloodstream directly and immediately. Much higher concentrations of nutrients are delivered directly to the body's cells through intravenous therapy, allowing the body to better absorb and utilise these nutrients.

Dr Siddiqi added: “Offering this new treatment is a fantastic way to start the New Year, not only for us to say that we are the first in Nottingham, but for our clients who will be able to experience the incredible benefits and improved well-being that this therapy offers.”

For more information, please visit: www.medicalcosmeticsltd.co.uk