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Liquid XML Studio 2012 Provides Greater Support For C#

Press Release   •   Jul 03, 2012 09:59 BST

Just after from the unveiling of Service Pack 1 (SP1), Liquid Technologies Ltd, an independent software supplier, located in the UK, have said that Liquid XML Studio 2012, their main xml software, right now includes superior XML C code generation capability.

The newest 2012 release that contains SP1, comes with considerable C# code generation improvements and also all round performance and stability upgrades.

These new C# features include Liquid Runtime support for Linux gcc 4.3.3 32bit C# as well as for Linux gcc 4.3.3 64bit C# - and a lot of some other extra features and also upgrades.

The produced C code is basically platform independent and might be used on Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Mac, embedded systems along with other more lesser known platforms.

Modified binary libraries can be compiled on Win32, Linux and gcc (x86 32 bit and 64 bit). Un-modified C# libraries can be compiled on Win32, Win64, Linux gcc, Solaris and Forte.

More information about the Liquid XML Studio C# code generation benefits is available at

Liquid Technologies define their code generation features as saving time as well as lowering errors.

Due to the fact XML Data Binding code does the majority of the parsing for the user, manipulating the XML objects is merely a matter of working with collections of objects, you don't have to regularly check the type of an item etc.

XML Data Binding will make it appreciably quicker to deal with XML documents from within your code, producing less code, which is easier to read and maintain.

As the generated class library is strongly typed, it forms a kind of template for the developer, ensuring that the data created conforms to the underlying XML Schema, doing away with the danger of errors.

At the moment the XML Data Binding for C# can be purchased in the developer release.

XML Studio 2012 with SP1 was made available on general release on 7th June 2012. For more details go to

Liquid Technologies Ltd, delivers world-leading productivity resources for XML software developers conforming to the W3C standards. Their flagship product, Liquid XML Studio 2012, undoubtedly an cutting-edge XML Development Environment not to mention XML toolkit which includes an XML Editor filled with all the tools you'll need for building and developing XML schema and XML applications.

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