Live and earn in the UK: Confusion vs Clarification

Press Release   •   Dec 16, 2013 17:14 GMT

Talk to anyone about moving to the UK to live and work, and one of the most common concerns expressed does not know where to begin when arranging the dreaded paperwork.

"What kind of visa do I need?"

"Do I need a UK bank account to work there?"

"I don't know what to do about tax. Is it even applicable?"

Questions like these are what make potential travellers and life-changers hesitate before they can even allow themselves to get excited by the prospect of the new adventure. Often this comes down to the right information being readily available in any comprehensive format.

It is important people are made aware of the services available to guide, carry and assist them during the transition from OZ to the UK. These services can help take away any uncertainty that might be experienced about the process.

And therein lies the functionality of myOE a UK umbrella company. Through the free support and guidance given to professionals who want to live and work in the UK, 'My UK Overseas Experience' becomes your overseas experience. myOE endeavors to give you the quickest and easiest transition into UK working life, from the moment you decide to go, through to your departure and arrival in the UK.

That a service like this even exists is testament to the fact that we at myOE know exactly what is needed to pack up your life and move overseas as a continuation of your career. We know what's needed because we've been there and done all of that. We know the challenges faced when trying to gain your own overseas experience and what obstacles can often stand in your way.

By the way, in answer to the above questions, depending on your residential status you could be eligible for any one of the variety of UK visas available, including the Ancestral UK visa or the Tier 5 visa. You will need an open UK bank account if you contract in the UK. MyOE helps you set this up, plus supplies you with a UK sim so you have a local phone number as soon as you land. myOE can also help with tax and accounting, including getting you set up with a NI (national insurance) number - the UK version of our Tax File Number.

Think we can help you or someone you know? Give us a call on 1300 654 484 or email and speak to one of our dedicated team members of our umbrella companies in UK.

MyOE was established in 1998 to help professionals relocate to the UK for work by assisting with all aspects of the move from planning the relocation to providing a hub that can offer several tailored employment solutions, through to arrival and beyond.

MyOE offer the best overseas experience and youth mobility visa deals on the market. MyOE makes sure you land on your feet in your new country and save on tax in your new job. Our contractor management service guarantees more take home pay.

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