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Live Innovations Host Workshop on the Five Different Leadership Styles

Press release   •   Mar 30, 2018 12:53 BST

London-based event marketing specialist, Live Innovations contend that effective leadership is the critical ingredient for business success. The customer acquisition expert held a workshop, investigating the five leadership styles.

Live Innovations: About the firm.

Managing Director, Tom Harris argues that learning to become an effective leader is what separates the average from the extraordinary. Leadership is one of the primary attributes the firm looks for when it comes to talent acquisition, and it is the one area it focuses on to help contractors develop leadership skills. During the firm’s workshop, Mr Harris discussed the following five leadership styles.

Coaching Leader

American basketball player and head coach at the University of California at Los Angeles, John Wooden was a coaching leader. Wooden famously won more NCAA basketball championships than any other coach. Coaching leaders help their team to improve their performance and capabilities by offering constant feedback. The open doors of communication, in turn, helps to create a positive working environment. Under the guidance of the coaching leader, the team members can grow and develop, while continuously improving. The downside is that coaching leadership style can be very time-consuming because the leader has to coach each team member individually, and it can take time to see results.

Affiliative Leader

The Dalai Lama is the perfect example of an affiliative leader. Affiliative leaders create emotional bonds with their members through warmth and acceptance. It is because of that warmness that members have a strong sense of belonging and can perform to the best of their capabilities. Google conducted studies on effective managers, and they found that the best leaders provide “psychological safety.” Affiliative leaders do that. The drawback to the affiliative leadership style is that it can foster mediocre performances because team members are rarely put under pressure and therefore can become complacent.

Democratic Leader

Former President of the US, John F. Kennedy was a successful democratic leader, allowing everyone in his circle a voice. Democratic leaders work closely with their team and let everyone have a voice, to make decisions together. Democratic leadership is great for team morale and building and solidifying relationships between leaders and team members. The democratic leadership style encourages an open environment with a stream of communication. The potential disadvantage to democratic leadership is that the authority of a democratic leader can be challenged and cause inefficiency in decision-making. Also, collective decision-making can take significantly longer.

Visionary Leader

American entrepreneur, business magnate, inventor, and co-founder of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs was a visionary leader. Visionary leaders can see the bigger picture and set goals for the team to work towards the primary objective. The visionary leadership style inspires creativity and teamwork. Members are motivated and inspired by the more prominent end-goal of what they’re working on day-to-day. A potential flaw in a visionary leadership style is that it is centred on the bigger picture. Therefore team members can sometimes lose focus on their day-to-day plan.

Commanding Leader

Former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill was a commanding leader. Churchill was able to inspire others to action via his commanding speeches and viewpoint. Commanding leaders take sole responsibility for their decision-making, and they give orders to their team to achieve goals. An authoritative leader can make decisions quickly because they don’t need to discuss the process. Commanding leaders are respected and rarely challenged. Unfortunately, a commanding leadership style can demoralise team spirit because their opinions aren’t valued.



Tom Harris: MD

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