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Live Innovations Upgrade Training to Assist with Growth Plans

Press release   •   Mar 12, 2018 11:59 GMT

London-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, Live Innovations have big growth goals for 2018 and Managing Director, Tom Harris has revealed that the firm is upgrading their training to assist with their growth plans.

Live Innovations: About the Firm

Since the firm’s re-launch in 2016, Live Innovations has invested a great deal of time into their finance campaign, getting it to the level where Live Innovations were the number one marketing agency representing their client. Commenting on the project during a sit-down interview later that same year, Mr Harris addressed the challenges; “Striking a balance between high-performance sales campaigns, while adhering to the Financial Conduct Authority guidelines and ensuring we get the best outcome possible for our clients and their customers, has been our main objective.”

The Finance industry is very heavily regulated, and the nature of that industry meant that few direct marketing and sales companies were able to represent them adequately. Through tremendous hard work and dedication, Live Innovations have produced tremendous results on their finance campaign, and the next objection is to grow that campaign and expand their market reach into multiple cities across the country. Mr Harris recognises that to make that a reality, the London-based firm needs to upgrade their training to get a model that can be efficiently replicated.

Live Innovations are committed to on-going education and training to ensure that their workforce can represent their client’s with total confidence, professionalism and transparency and Managing Director, Tom Harris is upgrading their training to make their business model easy to replicate. “Everyone who oversees one of our projects has completed our business development program and has learned the way we work, and that’s important to me,” commented Mr Harris.

Mr Harris has already started to implement further training, with the running of weekly sales clinics to help the workforce expand their knowledge and skillset and Mr Harris plans to run additional workshops, seminars, and tutorials to upgrade their training. "The last two years have been focused on building a solid foundation on this finance campaign, and now we have got that campaign to where we want it, the next goal is to replicate what we have done in London across the country,” commented Mr Harris. The award-winning entrepreneur recognises that a commitment to development and learning is critical for development and he is passionate about helping the firm’s staff and contractors to reach their full potential, simultaneously helping the firm to expand.

Live Innovations is London’s premier outsourced sales and marketing company. Whatever a firm’s budget, Live Innovations are committed to creating personal, bespoke campaigns to suit individual business needs.


Tom Harris: MD


Live Innovations is London’s premier outsourced sales and marketing firm. We are a cost-efficient and highly reliable outsourcing solution for businesses who are looking to acquire more customers, boost their brand awareness or increase their sales.