Liverpool crushes Man City on Boxing day

Press Release   •   Dec 26, 2013 08:37 GMT

Liverpool and City have both shown good form in games running up to the clash on Boxing Day. City, with the advantage of home ground, will meet a Liverpool that’s built up confidence after recent big wins.

But judging from Facebook, the victory is already Liverpool’s. Compared in terms of the amount of Facebook fans, Liverpool crushes Man city. With close to 14 million Facebook fans they’re way ahead of City’s 7,6 million fans. That's how many people like their Facebook Pages. That said, City's had a relatively higher growth in the number of Facebook fans the past month. So Liverpool shouldn't get too comfortable as City's currently on a good run.

The fans are equally active on the Facebook Pages, and today 6% of City's Facebook-fans and 8% of Liverpool’s fans are engaged on their respective Facebook-page. That's judging from how much the Facebook fans comment, like and share content on the Facebook Page. They're about equal here. The only problem for Man City is that Liverpool has almost twice as many fans, and thus an amount of engagement that City can only dream about. (See image with "Talking About" which shows amount of engagement). If the result was to be based on amount of engagement, that's a 3-1 victory to Liverpool. 

The result of Boxing Day’s big game is yet to be known. But on Facebook, the big win is Liverpool’s. 

Source: Fanbooster Monitor

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