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LMC Interactive Services state the benefits of a positive attitude within the workplace

Press Release   •   Jan 02, 2018 14:34 GMT

With the New Year right around the corner, many people are considering the changes they want to make in 2018. Direct sales and marketing experts, LMC Interactive Services have published their  how-to guide for implementing positive change.

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Change can be scary, whether for the better or unfavourable circumstances. It's essential that people can overcome this fear and are constantly looking to implement positive changes in their lives. In order to reach success, people have to strive to be the best they can in every aspect of their lives. Most importantly how you view yourself and a positive attitude can go a long way in helping everyone reach their goals.

LMC Interactive services understand that people can sometimes lose motivation and there are days everyone has when they wake up and think "Do I want to go to work today? However, having a positive within the workplace has some benefits. Workplace attitudes affect every person within an organisation; attitudes help to develop the prevailing workplace environment the determines employee morale, boosts productivity and team cohesion.

LMC Interactive Services have created a list of their top 10 advantages for having a positive mindset:

1.) Less sick days

2.) Increased levels of productivity

3.) Improved leadership skills

4.) A more cohesive team

5.) Improved decision making

6.) Improved motivation for staff

7.) Reduction in work-related stress

8.) Increased levels of self-confidence and self-esteem

9.) Improves customer relations

10.) Overcome Challenges.

"At LMC Interactive Services, we want to inspire people both inside and out of business to change their outlook to a positive one. It's all too easy to pick out the negatives in everything we do, having a positive mindset even when your chips are down is incredibly important. You'll learn a lot about yourself and how you can handle situations, it is a transferable skill into the business world. You'll find many of the most successful people in business adopt a positive approach to everything they do" Stated managing director - Lawrence Randall

LMC Interactive Services are experts in the sales and direct marketing industry. Their motivation comes from a strong drive and passion for their industry. The outsourced services on offer provide their clients with the guaranteed return on investments. The firm promise to give their clients the best, most efficient, cost-effective marketing services possible. They know exactly what’s required for the business to be great, and they know what it takes to implement in order for that to happen.

LMC Interactive Services is dedicated to providing their clients with quality long-term customers on a daily basis, as they feel it’s imperative for their own business to grow as well. In addition to that, the firm takes great pride in the fact they are a 100% people orientated company, from the customer they acquire on behalf of clients to the clients themselves.




Lawrence Randall

Managing Director