BNI London Bridge - Enterprise

Local Businesses in South East London Receive another Boost

Press release   •   May 05, 2012 16:22 BST

It is my pleasure to announce that I have appointed Yvonne Foster to my team as a Director Consultant.  Yvonne officially starts her role in June and will be working with our newly launched chapters (we currently have three core groups in the advanced stages of development).  As well, Yvonne will work with chapters that wish to draw on her BNI experience and expertise.

With my Director Consultant team, I have just returned to London from Glasgow where we attended the annual BNI European conference.  It was a wonderful, and information filled experience for all.  Yvonne has a lot of information that she can now impart to your chapter to support you all as members and the chapter as a whole.  Please do draw on Yvonne’s increasing experience and knowledge to help you each be fine and highly successful BNI members.  As you will see when you see her at your meeting on Thursday, Yvonne is brimming with knowledge, enthusiasm and ideas to ensure everyone in Enterprise receives a lot of business via referrals, and that the chapter as a whole achieves its chapter goals.

Meeting every week, over a good breakfast at London Bridge, we are a team of local business people who work together to share contacts, opportunities and introduce solid referals to one another. All members are here to perform for one another with the knowledge that good service leads to referals through confidence.

The BNI provides the framework of the meeting and the growth of the members through a tried and tested structure and invaluable business training, with ongoing support.

Our chapter is geared towards the city-based, high-value contracts, but is also the perfect environment for a start-up to connect up with, and gain insight from, an established and trusted support team.