Local Businessman Hits Out At Government Cuts To Feed In Tariffs

Press release   •   Dec 22, 2011 18:01 GMT

 Stuart Price ( 44 ) from Ruddington in Nottingham, owns a solar panel installation firm called Sunshine Energy, is making it his personal mission to prevent such cuts, and is encouraging local businesses to show their support, attending rally’s in London and writing letters to his local MP to emphasise the dramatic effect that these cuts will have not just on businesses like his, but on the environment.

Under the new plans, domestic installations below 4kW will face cuts of over 50 per-cent, and community or school sized ones above 50kW will face their second tariff cut in six months, causing the demand for such systems to plummet. 

Stuart Price, who has been involved in environmental issues both locally and nationally for many years said: “These cuts are a bitter blow for those businesses that have accepted environmental responsibility and installed solar panels, homeowners who invested in such systems, businesses such as mine and ultimately the environment.

“I am so passionate about this that I have been speaking to local businesses to encourage them to write letters against the proposed cuts, I have been educating those who already have such installations about what they can expect if the cuts go through and I have also been writing letters and attending rally’s in London to get advice on how best to lobby my local MP.  I am calling the campaign ‘Save Our Solar’”

The proposed changes will mean that any generator who has not ensured that their FITs application is received by their chosen electricity supplier before 12th December, or in the case of non-domestic installations receipt by Ofgem of a ROO-FIT application, will get the new, reduced rates. 

Stuart added: “We now have just weeks to stop these cuts from going ahead and convince Government to work with the industry to cut the costs of subsidy without wrecking the companies and jobs that we have created.  We need to let MPs and Ministers know just how serious these cuts are for the industry, and convince them not to throw away all the progress the FIT has delivered in building a solar industry.

Please visit http://www.oursolarfuture.org.uk/support-solar/ now to sign the petition and find out how you can campaign against these cuts. Alternatively, please visit the Sunshine Energy website at www.sunshine-energy.com

Sunshine Energy is represented by Poppy-PR, please direct all press enquiries to tina.clough@poppy-pr.co.uk or alternatively, call 07805716959