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Localised broadband for business Kent provider brings home the bacon

Press Release   •   Nov 24, 2010 11:14 GMT

Kent, UK (mynewsdesk), 24 November 2010 – Kent boys and girls Jomble, whose broadband for business Kent service offers, among other things, a rolling monthly contract, a free uk domain name and a fixed IP address, have been hauling in contracts from local businesses keen to take advantage of their superior upload and download speeds and guaranteed business only broadband lines. Jomble, which has only been trading in its present form for just over a year, has revolutionised the broadband experience enjoyed by small to medium sized businesses in the Garden of England – becoming the first business broadband providers Kent to offer guaranteed connections speeds for a single monthly fee.

Unlike both national providers and other providers of business broadband Kent, Jomble doesn’t hide its costs in confusing monthly packages either. There’s a flat monthly fee to join the Jomble broadband for business Kent service – a fee that pays for every single service the business broadband providers Kent are offering. These business broadband Kent services include: a staggering download speed of up to 24MBps; an upload speed of up to 1.3MBps; a whopping 60GB monthly usage allowance; dedicated UK based tech support; 50 POP3 or IMAP email accounts; guaranteed hosting on a business only network; a free .uk domain name; a free fixed IP address; and an emergency backup dial in service. All for the astonishing fee of £40 per month.

When you start to compare that to some of the traditional competition (BT, for example), you realise just how revolutionary Jomble’s business broadband Kent services actually are. Most nationwide broadband providers hide their costs across confusing features packages, where customers are forced to buy a lot of things they will never need simply in order to get at the one thing they really want. With Jomble, the pricing and promises are simple. The new kids on the business broadband providers Kent block offer everything they do for one flat fee – and if ever they add stuff to their services, it comes in as default to every customer, with no extra charges.

Broadband for business Kent has never looked so good. Particularly when you start thinking about the differences between the things Jomble guarantees and everyone else only claims – particularly the uninterrupted connection speed, which is a function of Jomble’s having ring fenced and area of network cable all for itself and its customers.

“Normal” business broadband Kent comes from commercial providers that are managing both business and domestic lines. In order to avoid a deluge of complaints from home users, these companies invariably shunt domestic surfers onto business lines when overall traffic is slow. The effect, on business lines, is a bit like suddenly siphoning one of the lanes on a motorway onto village branch roads. Chaos, disruption and standstill. With Jomble’s broadband for business Kent service, customers enjoy access to a free stretch of the web, which is guaranteed never to be used as a traffic easing measure for home users.

The price is right, the idea is right – and Jomble is becoming one of the most successful broadband providers Kent has ever seen. For small to medium sized businesses, the service is perfect.

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Jomble provide communications and business broadband solutions to UK organisations, serving the needs of both business and public sector customers. Jomble aim to give customers the best level of support, the best products and the best service at the best prices.

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