Logbook loans for a fast, no credit check cash advance

Press release   •   Mar 26, 2012 13:27 BST

In the present-day economic climate everybody is facing fairly hard times to maintain their lifestyles. Many people are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. Belt tightening, restricting oneself on all but the essentials seems to becoming fairly commonplace. And the Chancellor and the coalition aren't fashioning any promises that this is going to ease anytime soon. This budget really marks time for most of us and there are no promises of light at the end of the tunnel.

Have you heard of Murphy's law; "If nothing can possibly go wrong, something will!" Well Murphy always buts in at the most inconvenient time as a rule. You have suddenly found a special once in a lifetime offer which expires tomorrow, not next week, not the end of the month but NOW. Or maybe you have something that urgently needs repair like a blocked sewage drain and the plumber tell you the drain is broken and needs replacing.

All your colleagues and family are in similar situations to you. You understand you cannot borrow anything from them and there isn't time to go through the laborious operation of approaching your Bank as you realize the answer is probably no after a week of bureaucratic wrangling. Well whatever the reason you need a loan is not of concern to Logbook Loans. They are prepared to give you a loan against the value of your car, in cash, up to £5,000 immediately provided they are certain that you are in a position to repay the loan.

You have security locked up in your car which will enable you to get this instant cash as long as you;

  • Have a car less than 8 years old
  • It must be paid off
  • You have a full time job
  • It is in good condition

All you have to do is go along to one of the many Logbook Loan offices spread throughout the UK with your V5, certificate of Insurance and the car. They will inspect the car to see there is no unrepaired damage and then take the V5 and give you the loan. You can keep the car to use.

It is as easy as that. You may pay the loan off in easy weekly or monthly installments and may even pay it off early without incurring any penalties.

You are advised that even though this is a secured loan the interest rate charged is high so you need to be certain that you can pay it off timeously. You must also be certain to make all payments on time as otherwise your car may be forfeit. Also, because of the high interest rate, it is in your interest to keep the repayment period as short as possible.

Logbook Loans is a member of the CCTA and adheres to their code of practice. It does not enquire as to the reason you want the loan and is glad to assist provided you meet the requirements

Logbook Loans enable one to borrow cash against the V5. Vist a Logbook Loan office and walk out with the cash.