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London Sales Execs Reveal 3 Steps to Becoming a Great Leader

Press release   •   Jul 19, 2018 13:15 BST

London Sales Execs believe that every great business is built on foundations of solid leadership. The sales and marketing specialists are committed to developing great leaders, and they have revealed the three steps necessary to become a great leader.

London Sales Execs: About the firm

Managing Director at London Sales Execs, Tom Harris is a passionate business coach and mentor with years of experience in guiding and nurturing aspiring professionals. The award-winning entrepreneur has revealed what he believes to be the three key elements of great leaders.

1. On-going Education & Development

There is a famous quote from Vince Lombardi; “Leaders aren’t born they are made.”

London Sales Execs contend that on-going education and development is pivotal to developing great leaders. The sales and marketing experts are committed to on-going education offering weekly workshops and seminars to help their contractors learn, grow and develop. They also attend quarterly industry events, with high profile guest speakers, which has a tremendous impact on business development.

2. Networking

Managing Director at London Sales Execs, Tom Harris considers networking to be one of the main components of leadership success. “The best leaders recognise the value of learning from others. If you want to become a great leader, it’s important to build a network of like-minded professionals who have experience and are in the position you aspire to reach,” commented Mr. Harris.

3. Communication

London Sales Execs are proud to operate an open door policy to make communication between management and the firm’s staff and contractors easy. The sales and marketing specialists believe that open communication is integral to creating an excellent company culture and providing an environment where people can get feedback and advice and guidance to develop their skills. Mr. Harris believes that communication is vital for morale and keeping people engaged.

At London Sales Execs they are committed to developing great leaders and business owner and award-winning entrepreneur, Tom Harris believes that on-going education & development, networking and communication and three of the critical components for becoming a great leader.

London Sales Execs is on a mission to change the way sales is perceived. They are a diverse group with one common goal: achieve the best possible outcome for clients through meaningful, face-to-face connections, delivered by its force of talented customer communicators. The firm are urging industry leaders to commit to developing great leaders and providing aspiring professionals with the knowledge and skills to reach their leadership potential.



Managing Director: Tom Harris

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