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Long Battery Life Enables Great Video Playback On The Samsung Galaxy Note

Press Release   •   Nov 27, 2011 21:48 GMT

The new Samsung Galaxy Note is undoubtedly one of the leading mobile phones for video performance thanks to its superb resolution and its high quality large screen. We take a look at some of the video playback capabilities of this model along with some of the excellent audio features that are on offer.

When you access the video playback feature on the device the first thing you are faced with is a simple interface that offers a plain list of the files that are available to play. This list can be sorted by name, date, type or size to enable you to quickly and easily locate the file that you require. If you opt to select a file you have started to watch at a previous time the Galaxy Note remembers the position where you stopped playback and resumes from this point. A wealth of file formats can be handled by the video player. These range from more common file types such as WMV and MP4 to newer formats such as DivX and MKV and when we tested the phone using all of these files they played back with no problems at all. Some handsets struggle with files that are recorded in high definition but we did not experience any problems whilst large files over 2GB in size also played back flawlessly. Thanks to these excellent capabilities together with the large screen the Galaxy Note is an ideal portable video player to accompany you on long journeys. Thanks to a high powered battery the handset also boasts great playback times of up to 8.25 hours from a single charge, enough time to watch at least 4 movies.

The Samsung Galaxy Noteoffers audio facilities that match the high standard boasted by its video playback functions. Once again an attractive interface greets the user in the form of the TouchWiz music player. This player supports album art and offers a multitude of ways to sort your tracks. In terms of sound quality the Note gives users a selection of preset sound settings along with a custom setting that enables you to set your own bass and treble levels. For music playback the device offers DNSe technology to enhance performance and deliver a naturally deep sound not normally possible with portable devices. For movie playback their is also virtual 5.1 sound to give you that real cinema sound effect. If you fancy a change from listening to your own music you have the option of using the FM radio that is built in to this model. This is handy if you want to keep up to date with local news and weather or live sporting events. The handset uses the stereo headset as the radio aerial which does mean that if you want to listen to the radio through the loudspeakers you do need to keep the headphones attached.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a true multi media heavyweight which offers excellent audio and video facilities. There really are few phones currently available that can match the quality that this model displays in this area.

The Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC Desire S are available now.

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