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Lord Young to host National Mentoring Day Summit at House of Lords to focus on power of mentoring

Press Release   •   Oct 26, 2016 14:25 BST

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More than 200 mentoring thought leaders will attend the National Mentoring Summit at the House of Lords today (27 October) to celebrate, encourage and support the great work that mentors and mentoring organisations are doing across the UK. The National Mentoring Day initiative aims for every person in the UK to know how to access a mentor by 2020.

The founder and CEO of National Mentoring Day, Chelsey Baker, will bring together crucial figureheads and the most influential people in the mentoring world to help profile the impact that mentoring has on people. The summit is the only national forum bringing together all the different types of mentoring to recognise the invaluable contribution that mentoring makes to education, enterprise, the economy and our society. The aim is to unite all the mentoring initiatives and programmes across the country to work collaboratively to advance mentoring.

Chelsey Baker, CEO and Founder of National Mentoring Day, said: “Having this year’s event at the House of Lords is a perfect setting to draw much needed attention to the crucial topic of mentoring, and will hopefully alert many more individuals and businesses to the benefits of being mentored, or becoming a mentor.” In Wales the Welsh Government are holding celebrations at the Senedd in support of National Mentoring Day.

The Summit event is being supported by Lawbite and The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). The celebratory event starts at 7.15pm where Ms Baker will welcome all guests with a speech, before turning the stage over to Lord Young. A panel discussion will take place, featuring topics on youth, diversity, student, ex offender, ex forces, business and enterprise mentoring, collective impact and best practise. Guest speakers include Jonathan Freeman – Mosaic Princes Trust, Amrita Das – The Careers & Enterprise Company, Helen Walbey – FSB, Jonathan Pfahl Rockstar Mentoring and Ken Cowan – School of Hard Knocks. Key figures in the world of mentoring will be offering ideas on how mentoring should be shaped for the future to close the mentoring gap.

The Rt Hon Lord Young of Graffham said: “I had a mentor when I started my first business and he saved me more than once. The success of Start-Up Loans is mainly due to everyone having a mentor and I hope that National Mentoring Day will encourage more and more people to act as a mentor. I know as I have acted as a mentor many times and it is very rewarding to both parties.”

With the summit gathering interest and support from MPs including Iain Wright, Ruth Lowbridge MBE of SFEDI, said: "National Mentoring Day is a fantastic opportunity to really push the mentoring message and facilitate the spark of new connections throughout the UK."

Chelsey Baker, CEO and Founder of National Mentoring Day, says, “To positively impact someone’s life is the gift that keeps on giving. Everyone has something to offer as a mentor and everyone has something to learn as a mentee.” “Mentoring should be accessible to any business, adult, child or group that needs it and National Mentoring Day will help make this happen.”

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National Mentoring day pays tribute to mentoring in all its forms with a key focus on celebrating and recognising mentoring to encourage more people to mentor.

Taking place annually in October each year, the day encourages events to take place throughout the UK. The day was founded by Chelsey Baker, an award-winning business mentor. The key message is to raise awareness of the invaluable and rewarding contribution that mentoring makes which has a huge impact on not only on our economy but also our in education and society.

The aim is to encourage interactive discussions, events, social media activities and facilitate shared vision and synergies for everyone involved in the industry and to showcase the benefits of being a mentor and being mentored.

Leading professional mentoring organisations, mentors, key influencers and though leaders from across the UK will join together to celebrate the great work mentors and mentoring organisations in the UK are doing to support individuals and businesses.

This nationally recognised day has already received government, industry, education and celebrity endorsements and widespread support from the media, politicians and wider industry as well as backing from the major mentoring organisations.

Chelsey Baker, CEO and Founder of National Mentoring Day is one of the UK’s leading business mentors, having won the British Bankers' Association "Excellence in Enterprise Mentoring Award, "Business Mentor of the Year" awarded by Start Your Business magazine and this year an award for her commitment to mentoring by the Association of Business Mentors.