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Losing Staff // Losing Customer Data ?

Press Release   •   Feb 04, 2010 11:42 GMT

The renowned Ponemon Institute based in the USA, in a study carried out for Symantec, found that 59% of outgoing employees admitted to them that they were taking corporate data with them even though it was not permitted and not authorised by the employer. This is a clear and grave danger to any business.

In a well known case in the USA, a soon to be former employee in a senior capacity downloaded 180 of the company’s most valuable research and development papers onto his laptop and took them with him when he left. The value of the information was estimated in court at $400m, not to mention the damage done to their reputation and commercial advantage.

Should or could this have been spotted and stopped sooner? Well, as he had, in the 5 months prior to leaving, accessed 25,000 sensitive documents, about 5 times as many as the next nearest individual, you might have expected the system to note and flag this activity to someone…. Only the system was not alive to this issue and it was only when an IT employee noticed a hard copy report some 6 months later that the company realised its data loss and took action to recover it.

So what can you do to help secure your organisation from the inside and protect yourself?

Even well run, secure organisations can find themselves the victim of data loss when they are undergoing radical uncertainty such as redundancies, cost-savings, mergers or outsourcing. Organisations going through such changes should examine how to increase the profile of system security, which may mean simple deterrent measures (which we can help you with) as well as increasing live monitoring of unusual activity. Why was Alcatraz so efficient at keeping its inmates in (or in other words, how was it so secure)? And how can it help you?

In the current economic climate it is clearly difficult seeking budget but in many ways, the security budget needs to go up during a recession - risks are higher, the threat is greater, both inside and outside. <<insert link to the article Training Cost Justification and ROI>>

Another key concern has to be the increased potential for fraudulent activity. Individuals are feeling the pinch and may find themselves in a position where they become susceptible to coercion, carrying out activities for personal gain and the profit of others at the expense of their employer. Strathclyde police warned in 2006 of organised criminal gangs working to have their people employed in businesses just to gain access to personal data. They are also looking to compromise financially stretched staff for the same reasons.

We can help you defend your business, your profits and your future.

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