Love Sweat and Tears

Love Sweat and Tears A New Creative Industries Brand Launch

Press Release   •   Apr 08, 2011 15:18 BST

London, United Kingdom – Start-up brand Love Sweat & Tears arrive providing a media platform for those who have an ounce of creativity and a ton of determination as well an an e-commerce store to sell their product, with the help of it’s connected community they look to be self-sufficient in providing design, music, talent and marketing.

Started in late 2010 it has taken several months to secure funding and attention from the general public. For them to grow they want anyone who wishes to create something of their own but don’t have the current resources or direction to go about achieving that goal.

Initially LST are breaking into the highly competitive world of fashion by offering their own take clothing to anyone that’s interested. By not giving a demographic LST look to invite anyone who has the same mindset. From 16 to 60 (below and beyond) it is more about the way a person in today's world wants to live. Not about their class, financial income or social grouping. Common interests and a want to creative something of their own are all that is required. Beyond that it’s for their community to decide upon.

“We know it’s a tough market out there for any small business to start-up but we believe in our ethos and generally want to see creativity rewarded and paraded.” said founder Marlon Nicholls who himself is looking for a general change in the way we approach new and unpolished talent.

Love Sweat & Tears have promised to fight for and with the independent, while many brands focus on one or two new media creatives LST wants to strive for complete coverage, regardless of you your skill or ability we want to see talent flourish.


“Our government may promote entrepreneurship but they aren’t actually providing a platform for independents to grow, that’s where we come in.”

Love Sweat & Tears are a U.K based company that formed in late 2010 looking to help and develop those in the creative industry initially appealing to the next generation of artists from musicians to graphic designers. Giving them access to resources and providing an on-line platform to sell their product.