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Lucinda Rhodes Becomes Producer On Death Walks

Press Release   •   Jul 21, 2013 11:09 BST

She has been in the movie industry for seventeen-years, and during that time she has stepped out of being in front of the camera to moving behind. Lucinda joined the Death Walks project several weeks ago, because she was passionate about it's ideas. The makers forward thinking attitude being one of the main reason's she has chosen to become one of the films producers. 

Death Walks is a zero budget movie, with a current production value in excess of £500,000 thanks to the generosity of individuals and property owners. The story is a zombie movie with a horrific and realist twist.

Director Spencer Hawken who to this point has organised the whole process is thrilled to have Lucinda aboard "I know what to do with the movie to a point, but the knowledge I lack Lucinda has oodles of, the fact that she has agreed to step up to a secondary role means further chance of Death Walks doing something special for the film industry. 

 "There is a lot of interest in the project, it already ranks higher than a lot of highly successful movies on IMDB, people need this change, they need to see a real underdog do well with this film."  Says Spencer "Between local radio and press across the country, the project has already had £250,000 of positive PR, this could become like the British version of Blair Witch, without the first person wobbly camerawork."

Lucinda's company Kandle will also work with Spencer to ensue the movie does the best it possibly can to receive the desired results. But if nothing else, of the three hundred strong cast and crew, many of those involved, some just starting out have something great to add to their CV"s.