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Make gift giving an ART form

Press release   •   Nov 29, 2010 19:43 GMT

People often think buying art is risky, but this shouldn’t be the case if you know the person that you’re buying for well.  Art is a precious gift and can express the personality of the relationship between the giver and the recipient.


Unframed posters and art prints at Easyart.com start from as little as £5.95 with a choice of framed and canvas artworks.  For instance, Easyart has a visually arresting array of art prints for under £50, samples of which can be seen on its Facebook gallery at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=18149&l=1555f5f009&id=117551498303721


Easyart provides an indispensible tool for gift-buying.  Go to http://www.easyart.com/scripts/giftfinder/giftfinder.php and scroll down to the series of drop-down lists under the header of ‘Find a gift for…’ Easyart will then generate a huge amount of artworks to choose from.  There are 424 framed art prints and posters under £50.

So, take a look at Easyart today and that perfect Christmas present could only be a few clicks away!


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