Maleforce Smartphone App The Next Step in GPS Dating for Gay Men

Press Release   •   Sep 01, 2010 12:15 BST

Virtual Universe Ltd launches the new generation GPS dating app, Maleforce; which not only connects you with 1000s of men instantly, but allows you to upload and browse audio and video to your profile making it the hottest gay dating mobile app around. Maleforce is a fully feature-loaded chat and mobile social network service for gay guys.

Within seconds, you can find guys in the vicinity, view their video or audio messages, profile and photos. Message back and forth, or receive incoming calls all free of charge. You can also browse gay venue listings and cool stores in your area to help you decide where to drink, dance or dress.

Maleforce smart phone app is the next step in GPS dating, with more updated features than any other gay app on the market. For gay men on the move, Maleforce provides additional features including:

Video and audio features on members profiles

Unlike other apps on the market, Maleforce allows members to upload short video messages to their profile that allows other men to get a better idea of what each member is like by hearing what that person has to say about who they are and what they are looking for in others.

Available across all major phone platforms

Unlike Grindr, this app can be downloaded across all phone platforms and therefore gives accessibility to a wider range of men. This app can be downloaded and used on iPhone / iPad, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson etc.

Gay venue listing along with GPS and maps

As well as the dating side to this app, there is a travel guide element to the feature with nearby gay venues being listed and a map to show the location of each venue. The app uses the phones GPS to direct the Maleforce member to venue via the mapping system. This provides an easy way for the member to find somewhere to socialise and meet other people, so would be especially useful for people visiting new cities. As the app can help get people directly to the venue that they are looking for, it also provides an element of safety for the members using the app, as they can be shown a direct route to the gay venue they are heading to and wont need to wander about looking lost and possibly become a target.

Stores locator with GPS and maps

Alongside the gay bars, cafes, pubs and clubs that are located using the apps GPS system, Maleforce also has a feature which can locate specific clothes shops, accessories stores and gadget stores, as well as any other cool stores that are in the area. The app can then direct the member to the store of their choice using the GPS mapping service.

Free to download and use

Being free to download and use, this app is accessible to all. Written messages to other members are sent and received free of charge. Members are only charged for calls made to other members using the service.

Extra security with personal telephone numbers allocated to each member

Each member is allocated a personal number, which connects to their own phone line so that they can make and receive calls from your mobile or landline, but without actually giving out your phone number or having it shown on the screen.

Fully Moderated Profiles

Because all of the profiles on Maleforce are moderated, the profiles that members look at are ensured to be free of inappropriate content, unlike many other gay dating websites. This keeps a certain level of decency and ensures that members are not exposed to anything they do not feel comfortable with.

The Maleforce smart phone app can be downloaded from the Apple app store, or whichever app store is associated with your smart phone.

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