SenServe Limited

Manage your business processes centrally at one place. SenServe Limited has the right solution for you to accomplish this.

Press Release   •   Aug 19, 2015 16:40 BST

SenServe Limited is a team of IT experts and professionals with sound business knowledge, dedicated to provide accurate solutions to your business for improved efficiency and productivity. They are known for providing an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, which is online database software, intelligently programmed to automate the business processes. The CRM deployed by SenServe efficiently manage the businesses centrally at one place, eliminating the cumbersome manual management operations. Their CRM is something more than just software. It not only automates business tasks but also ensures the efficient management of all of the on-going and pending tasks.

SenServe Limited is among the top vendors when it comes to CRM system. They primarily focus on the client requirements and strive to propose the solution that is best fit to fulfil your business requirements. Instead of promoting a specific product, SenServe Limited strives to ensure client satisfaction by offering them what is actually acquired by their business. Same goes with their CRM. They offer open source business solutions that are technology independent. Complete documentation comes with every deployed product to let you learn the software more quickly and appropriately, as per your needs.

From document management to business management, SenServe’s CRM has the capabilities to coupe with everything that comes in between. Connectors and database links are used to streamline the communication between document management system and your current web based systems. The CRM provides a complete user friendly interface to let you control business activities efficiently, consequently reducing the operational costs. Built-in features like calendars and task managers let you monitor the on-going tasks and accordingly schedule the pending jobs.

SenServe’s CRM is equipped with several simple, yet detailed and powerful tools that play a significant role in adding productivity to your business. Their services are 24/7 available and can be acquired whenever you are in need of them.

Our team of experts are available round the clock to deliver customised software solutions, CRM Solutions, Wi-Fi solutions, Document Management solutions, SEO, web design and web development services.